My story began in 1999.
My mother was diagnosed with cancer which was a devastating blow, since I’m an only child and had lost my father to cancer when I was only 4 years old. At that point I realized family came first and was more important than a corporate career. I moved home to be near my mother and opened a little store where I did nails & sold my art.  In 2003, four years after her diagnosis, my mother lost her battle with cancer. I was once again devastated & broken. I had lost my safety net, my biggest cheerleader, and my rock.

During my grieving process I researched about scriptures and Heaven. I focused heavily on my art; painting crosses & hearts, with written scriptures that gave me comfort.  At that time I started doing art shows and meeting people with similar pain as me. THIS was my calling, so I bought a ‘fixture upper’ travel trailer and started a mobile Art gallery.  Canton Trade Days became my home in 2004. Shortly after starting at Canton, God placed a wonderful man in my husband Tim.  We’ve been blessed with 25+ years of Canton & shows. 

Oh…some people ask where I got the name ‘Queen of the Trailer Park’.  That goes back to my first little trailer.  It was 18 feet long & in terrible condition, but I was SO proud, but some teased me & called me ‘The Queen of the Trailer Park’ and it stuck!  I’ve been told my name doesn’t ‘fit’ what I sell…I tell them “The Lord CROWNS the humble with salvation.” Psalm 149:4…..and it fits!!

 Xoxo- Diane